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Hydraulic Cylinder Service

Reconditioning of Cylinder

Our manufacturing team is a highly skilled workforce adept at working with precision machinery, to provide a high- quality service to our customers.
Our design and engineering capabilities allow us to effectively reverse engineer any component with unparalleled precision and also provide cutting-edge design and manufacture of custom-made new Cylinder

HSM repairs most manufacturer’s Hydraulic Cylinders

Single or double end
Repair/replacement of rods, seals, piston heads, gland nuts, and tubes
Any diameter up to 600mm and lengths to 5000mm
Pressure testing after repair to 5000 psi

We are specialized to carry out services of all type of Cylinder:

The highest quality cylinder repair services.
Cylinder failure? Crippling down-times? Can't source or obtain a replacement?.
The best option is high speed, high quality repair from HSM Hydro Control.
Our substantial business is the refurbishment, repair and reconditioning of hydraulic cylinders for industries where machinery down-time is both disruptive and expensive.
Rapid Response-Effective response to minimize down-time for systems schedule.
Reliable Quality-Maintained through constant attention to standards in materials, systems and service.
We understand the economic pressure to keep down-time to the absolute minimum, and we have extensive experience in a full range of services from re-sealing to total re-build.
Further, as we carry extensive stocks of tubing, hard chrome bar and seals, repairs can be carried our without delay.
Our repair center is manned by a team of experienced specialized hydraulic engineers.
Using the latest technology and equipment, under the strictest clinical conditions, we can respond with speed and flexibility to provide rapid solutions to almost any type of cylinder repair.