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Hydraulic Components

We Supply all the hydraulic components like Fittings, Orings, Level Gauge, Breather, Bell Housing Coupling, Filter, Flexible hose Valves, etc

Hydraulic indicators


Complete range of indicators.
Hydraulic air breather filters

FB-1 & FT Series

Air breather filters. Max flow rate: 500 lt/min (53 GPM)
Hydraulic pressure guages and transmitter

Pressure Gauges & Transmitter

Whether you want to measure down to 0.5 bar or up to 7,000 bar - We offer you the right pressure gauge for each industry and each measuring requirement.
Hydraulic fittings, hose and ball valve

Fittings, Hose & Ball Valve

We can Supply all types of fittings, hose assembly, and ball valves of low & high pressure.
Hydraulic accumulators


We offer several standard accumulator sizes along with a wide variety of coatings, fittings, and accessories. In addition to our standard sizes, we can provide customized fittings and coatings to match your application.

Hydraulic shell, tube and plate type oil cooler

Shell & tube and Plate type oil cooler

• water/oil coolers in short
• Light and compact
• Suitable for many applications
• Easy installation
• Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly

Hydraulic water absorbant

FS-1 series & Water Absorbent

Suction strainers for fluid reservoirs. Filtrec water absorbing media is an efficient way to remove water contamination from hydraulic systems, and mineral and synthetic oil.
Hydraulic In line high pressure filter

FD-1 & FD-2 Series

In line high pressure filter assembly.
Max flow rate: 40-400 lt/min
Max working pressure: 40-420 bar

Hydraulic In-line low-pressure spin-on filter

FA-1 series & FA-2 series

In-line low-pressure spin-on filter assembly for suction and return lines.
Max flow rate: 300 lt/min (79 GPM)
Max working pressure: 12 bar (217.5 psi)
Hydraulic Duplex low-pressure

FDD040 Series

Duplex low-pressure filters Sizes 040 to 400 according to DIN 24550 Inline filters for operating pressure up to 63 bar, flow rate up to 400 l/min
Hydraulic Process Filters

Process Filters

Our range includes simplex, duplex, and self-cleaning filters, designed with the most suitable type of filter elements, depending on the application and the fluid to be cleaned.
Hydraulic Bare Manifold Assembl

Bare Manifold Assembly

Manifolds connect individual sections of hydraulic circuits and ensure specific control functions via valves.
Standardized designs are characterized by connection flexibility.
Manifolds are made of aluminum alloy, C45, or steel

Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Directional Control valves

Directional Control valves

Hydraulic Pressure Control Valves

Pressure Control Valves

Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valves

Hydraulic Logic Elements Valves

Logic Elements Valves

Hydraulic Proportional and Servo Valves

Proportional and Servo Valves

Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Motors
Hydraulic Motors
Hydraulic Motors
Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Pumps

Axial Piston Pump

• Close loop and open loop
• Fixed nad variable displacement
Axial Piston Pump
Axial Piston Pump
Axial Piston Pump
Axial Piston Pump

Vane Pumps

• Fixed and Variable Displacement
Vane Pumps
Vane Pumps
Vane Pumps

Gear Pump

• Internal and External
Gear Pump
Gear Pump
Gear Pump
Gear Pump

Radial Piston Pump

Radial Piston Pump
Radial Piston Pump
Radial Piston Pump